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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> plus a dangerous disvery in a local college dorm room, tonight a student is out of class and behind bars. clearer skies but cooler air for sunday, how long it lasts before we see rain. an unlikely rider taking the "t," the strange sight that had commuters hopping mad. >> 7 news at 11:00 starts now. first, breaking news, a deadly drive in boston when a car goes crashing into the charles river. rescue crews were able to pull two people from the car. but they didn't survive. >> now investigators are trying to figure out what caused the tragic turn. kelly o'hara is live in boston with the breaking details. >> reporter: yes, investigators still out here right now out at the river trying to figure out what caused the crash that killed that man and woman. >> all i heard was a horn going off and then i heard the impact, and i look over and i see that that piece of bridge over there
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is kind of crumpled, one piece in the water and the taillights as the truck went over. >> report a deadly drive in boston after a car plunges off the leverett circle bridge into the water. >> the vehicle was fully subject americaned, there were two victims who were jointly rescued. >> reporter: but the man and woman who were pulled from this car did not survive. both died by the time they got to the hospital. state police say this crash happened around 6:40 saturday night. a car hit another car and then plunged off the bridge. chris saw the whole thing. >> i was yelling at everyone, trying to tell people. noticed the state police across the street, so they were there real quick. the e.m.s. were there quick, but maybe not quick enough. it's an awful thing. >> reporter: all roads around this busy intersection shut down for hours as it turned into a death investigation, and people
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saying someone else could have easily been hurt. >> i'm really nervous because i live here and i always walk around here. >> absolutely terrified. i walk around here almost every day, i walk from my building to the "t" stop almost every day and it terrorizes me to know that i'm not safe walking any more. >> reporter: state police told us a trooper witnessed the accident and actually dove into the water to try to save those people, but sadly they didn't make and it the cause of this crash and what killed those two people are under investigation tonight. kelli o'hara. breaking news out of bridgewater where police have identified the woman whose body was found burning on the side of train tracks this week. police say the victim was a 29-year-old woman from new jersey. according to investigators the murder is an isolated incident and they say there's no threat to the public. police say they don't have any suspects. we're following a developing story, residents in dorchester on high alert tonight after
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several reports of a man exposing himself. police are trying to figure out if the crimes are connected. police say at least three women month. investigators say in each case the suspect exposed himself before attempting to push the victim into his car. police believe each incident happened early in the morning on either aukland street or savin hill avenue. anyone with information should call police. gang god everyone is safe. >> a curry college student is facing serious charges after a gun and ammunition were found in his dorm room. the college says there was no actual threat that was made, but this dangerous discovery has left the campus shaken up. the night team's brani is in milton with details. reporter: some students were shaken up because they had no idea that another student was carrying a gun on campus, police also found drugs in his dorm
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action. police say 18-year-old darius boodoosingh from boston, a student at curry college, a gun, ammunition and drugs inside his dorm room. >> it a little surprising, i know i would never do it. so it catches you off guard. reporter: police and campus safety arrested the student in his dorm room friday during a college wide search due the a theft on campus. campus safety found the gun and that's when they called police. >> we got an e-mail soon as something happens like that they usually e-mail us right away. they're usually pretty good about making sure we're safe. >> concerning, but i think they took care of it well and i think it's all good now. >> reporter: the college released a statement that said in part no immediate or ongoing threat to our community is deemed present. the engagement of our community members resulted in removing an individual from our community whose behavior we will not tolerate. >> i heard it was the whole gun plus the ammunition, which is a little more serious. and drugs as well, which is
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but not so much guns. don't really hear too much about guns. as far athat goes, it pretty crazy and thank god everyone is safe. >> reporter: that 18-year-old is now facing drug and gun charges, being held at the milton police department. the night team now turning to your forecast, after a week of warm weather here in boston, the season is finally starting to catch up with us. chris, are we looking at a chillier end to the weekend? >> looks like yes, in fact we'll be pretty standard for november here as we reach highs tomorrow in the lower to middle 50s. right now still in the low 50s in boston. 48 in bedford. far cry from the 70 west had weather. with the sunshine won't feel that cold. still a lot of cloud in the boston area and through the south shore, can you see the clouds thinning out to the north and west of 495. those skies will clear on out
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and cooler weather that's in the midwest will start to work in for tomorrow. overnight tonight i think we'll tall to about 45 in boston, upper 30s in the suburbs. so not all that cold. but colder than the last few nights. overall a bright and breezy day tomorrow, highs into the lower to middle 50s. great football weather, kickoff temperature at gillette at 53. and we go ahead, more seasonable weather, in the 50 a lot of the seven-day forecast. couple of rain chances, the first one on tuesday afternoon. more news tonight, officials in egypt say the debris field shows the russian plane that crashed last week broke up in mid air. investigators say they still don't have enough information to say what caused the plane to explode before crashing in the sinai desert. the head of the investigation says they're still looking at all scenarios. the crash killed all 224 people on board. two louisiana police officers are facing murder charges accused of shooting and
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kill a 6-year-old boy. the police say these two officers shot the 6-year-old boy several times while they were chasing after the boy's father. investigators say two other officers were also involved in the shooting, local officers say they are shocked by this incident. >> it is the most disturbing thing i've seen. i will leave it at that. jeremy is only 6 years old. he didn't deserve to die like this. >> right now police are looking into whether the officers held a grudge against the boy's father. protesters causing trouble for trump before he hosts the "saturday night live" tonight. more than 100 protesters held signs and chanted outside the studio before the show in new york city. protesting the leading republican candidate's comments that he made in august about illegal immigration. >> singling out a group of
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people and saying that they're sending criminals here is wrong. and he's inciting racism. >> protesters also gathered hundreds of thousands of petition signatures trying to show. the patriots ready to roll on at home, tom brady is amped up ready to help the pats hang onto their undefeated season and they're make act justments along the way. >> the patriots nearly perfect at home with just four regular season losses at gillette since 2010. at 3-4 washington does not appear to be the kind of team that could become the fifth to knock off new england. the patriots preparing like the guys from d.c. are also unbeaten. the pats 7-0 for the first time since 2007. new england fresh off a 36-7 thrashing with miami last thursday. tom brady with with a couple extra days to prepare and still thinks there's more potential the pats can tap into this this sunday. >> there are a lot of things that we did in that game that
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could hurt us, and we talked about those things over the last, over the time that we've had off. so you just got to keep, whether you win or lose in the nfl you got to make improvements and we're trying to fine ways to continue time prove. whether you win or lose you got to learn from those mistakes. >> the patriot taking aim at an 8-0 start for the second time in team history. ironically enough the only other time they did so was back in 2007 when they beat washington in week eight at gillette to get there. up next from the night team, a dream come true, the philadelphia phillies giving sick kids a surprise they will never forget. and it looks a built more like easter than thanksgiving, an unexpected passenger riding
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giving sick kids a major league surprise. they got the chance to be a part of the team for a day. it was a home run for a number of families. >> and these kids are battling all kinds of diseases and they were able to put it all behind them for a day at the diamond. when the kids and their families arrived at the ballpark -- >> i'm the general manager of the phillies. >> they were surprised with pretty big news. >> i have issued each of you a one-day phillies contract. >> for one night they were part of the team with a real locker and uniform. it's a dream come true for righty, his locker is right next to ryan hour. >> been a phillies fan for 10 years. >> most of these kids are have had it tough the past few years, spending months in the hospital, missing school, unable to play sports. the ortiz family says their son was diagnosed with brain tumor this is summer. >> he likes sports, baseball, so we're hoping he can get some fun out of it. >> so the kids hit at the
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batting cages, their parents taking pictures. it's a moment of bliss, a distraction during an unthinkably difficult time. marcus suffers from sickle cell anemia and says here at the ballpark that's not even on his mine. >> even though i have this disease that's inside of me, i can still have fun, doing everything that i dream about. >> can you imagine what it must be like to be 10 years old and have a sleepover with your favorite team? tomorrow some of these kids will go back to the hospital. but tonight they dance and they smile. and for one day they play like the pros. it's a slicing line drive, and slices of pizza from a special buffet right there in the clubhouse. a bit cooler pattern tomorrow, but we do have brighter skies as well. when we'll see rain, ahead.
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52 degrees right now in 13 miles per hour. it does feel cooler, however, the average high this time of year is 54. so even at 11:00 at night we're now. 48 in bedford, 45 worcester. 39 in jaffrey, new hampshire. so you can clearly see the farther north and west you go, the cooler it is. and that cooler air will continue to work in throughout new england through the overnight hours. the win has been steady here, a good 10 miles per hour out now. that west wind important, some of that cooler air off to west of us. skies beginning to clear on out north and west of boston. so the cloud that we have from boston down through southeastern mass will be leaving us overnight tonight and that will
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sunday as high pressure crosses the midwest and ohio valley continues to build in. it only a matter of time before this area of rain does work up the eastern seaboard here. so we have two days of high pressure protecting us from that rain to the south of us. then as this area of high pressure basically crests over us and slide off to the east, that rain will start to come up the coastline here, and looks like tuesday afternoon, especially late in the day tuesday night into early wednesday, the next best chance of some widespread rain across the area. no rain to talk about the next couple days, though, and if you're looking for almost a picture perfect fall day, proposal on monday. temperatures monday back mere 60. clearing late tonight, 37 to 45 degrees. not a bad day tomorrow, bright, a little breezy, season my cool, lower to middle 50s. good tailgating weather at gillette. good football weather overall, temperatures in foxborough in the lower to middle 50s.
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54, 55. the forecast again late tuesday, tuesday night into early wednesday, some rain and wind moving on in. then you get a break wednesday afternoon into thursday morning, perhaps another round of showers moving in late thursday. should clear out to tend week. >> a rabbit going for a ride today, you can see it take a seat next to a passenger there on the blue line. transit police later reminded the passenger that they need to keep their animals in their cages when riding the train. this post on face bock getting a lot of comments, some passengers actually upset about the animal, they said they're worried about their allergies and about hygiene. coming up next in sports, the patriots hoping a da gentleman have you saturday against washington as they go for 8-0 for the second time in history. the bruins taking on the habs,
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battle of the backups, gustafson taking on condon. bergeron, the shot deflects in off erickson. boston the front 1-0. game tied at one in the second period now. bruins responding a few minutes later. 2-1 boston on top. same score midway through the third. lars eller getting the back hand on net from point blank range, that knots the game up at two apiece. bruins a little tight down the stretch, just over two minutes left. david krejci calls for the cross check near mid ice, he's heading to the box, and david gets the go ahead goal. the canadiens add the empty netter. they get the win 4-2. standing at 7-0, the patriots have no need to change a thing,
11:22 pm
force your hand. brian stork is set to make his debut sunday, taking the place of wendell who had a knee injury. deshawn jackson set to return for the first time since an injury. he racked up over 1,000 yards receiving and six touchdowns one year ago. >> they led the league in big play passes last year, he had a lot of them, so he's a very explosive player. just tremendous at all three levels, he can catch and run, he can get over the top of the defense, and he's a very good intermediate route runner that can get open and create space and make intermediate plays and turn those into big plays too. >> it's a big challenge for us defensively, especially in the secondary to stay with these guys and compete for 60 minutes, and they do it all. you've seen them throw the ball
11:23 pm
on screens, short passes and runs, you turn on the film from last year, jackson has so many plays over 50 yards, so we gotta be ready. >> sports extra sunday night, complete patriots coverage, that's tomorrow night on sports extra, following eagles-cowboys on sunday night football. the saying in football that if you're playing two quarterbacks then you really have none. if that's the case what does it say about boston college who has played four this year the eagles trying to snap a five-game slide today against n. c. state. senior day at the heights, b.c. defense being put to the test. 83-yard and a reservation for six. 7-0 n. c. state out in front. b.c. down 24-0 in the fourth, finally finding the end zone. fourth down.
11:24 pm
the three-yard touchdown the freshman throwing for 257 but also giving it away three times. b.c. dropping its sixth straight 24-8 the final. got some action with u. mass hosting akron at gillette stadium. minutemen off to a fast start just a few minutes in, jamal wilson taking it nine yards to the end zone for the score, 7-0u. mass out in front. minutemen up 13-7 in the third. woodson getting the call, taking it up, fighting his way toward the end zone. busting true for a 15-yard touchdown. now 17-13. just under a minute left, last chance for u. mass. he's picked off. u. mass falls to 1-8. 0-5, as they fall. weren't good enough.
11:25 pm
they've gave an effort, that's all you can ask. we try to put them in positions, watch the film, and say if you don't make the plays you're not going to win the games. >> we had a chance to get, and we didn't get it done. you're thinking hey -- it's disappointing. >> arkansas visiting ole miss and you have to expect weird stuff in college football. hogs need a touchdown to extend the game. fourth and 25. looks like he's dead in the water, but gives it the the old heave ho. and amazingly he's got some daylight and picks up the first down. arkansas would tie it on a touchdown, win it on a two-point conversion. and maybe more importantly take home our play of the day. however remaining unbeat 2010 a 24-16 win at columbia.
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crimson now at the nation's best win streak at 22 straight. that's sports. >> we'll be right back. okay, so everyone is saying, "hurry! you gotta get fios"
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